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Running Rconj on Linux

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By Darko Delinac

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Posted: 21 Dec 2005


Running rconj on Linux.

Although there are other articles describing running rconj on Linux I would like to present this solution which I think is quite simple. All you need is a working Java environment and 4 files from your NetWare server.


These notes are about running rconj on Linux.
SLP and secure mode will not work.
This has been only tested with Sun's JRE.

Create a new directory:

$ mkdir rconj
$ cd rconj

Copy the following files to the rconj directory and unpack them:

  • -SYS/public/mgmt/ConsoleOne/1.2/lib/rconsolej.jar
  • -SYS/public/mgmt/ConsoleOne/1.2/lib/
  • -SYS/public/mgmt/ConsoleOne/1.2/ConsoleOneExt/nssl1.2_exp.jar
  • -SYS/public/mgmt/ConsoleOne/1.2/resources/rconsolej_resources.jar

*.jar files can be unpacked with jar or unzip. jar is only distributed with j2sdk.

  • $ jar -xf rconsolej.jar
  • $ jar -xf rconsolej_resources.jar
  • $ jar -xf nssl1.2_exp.jar
  • $ unzip


  • $ unzip rconsolej.jar
  • $ unzip rconsolej_resources.jar
  • $ unzip nssl1.2_exp.jar
  • $ unzip

Now you can run rconj. Make sure that rconj is your current directory.

$ java com/novell/application/securerconsolej/RConsoleJApplication

Select unsecure mode.

If you create a startup script make sure you enter rconj directory. For example:

cd /home/darko/tools/rconj
java com.novell.application.securerconsolej.RConsoleJApplication

If you put an application launcher on your desktop you will find an rconj icon in:

Darko Delinac

I published some more notes on rconj on my home page: These other notes are about security and authentication method used in rconsolej.

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