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BorderManager TIDs - December 2005

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Posted: 29 Dec 2005

Here are some recent Novell BorderManager TIDs (Technical Information Documents) that will help you get the most from your NBM installation:

*Microsoft VPN fails thru NAT
TID 10095720

*Digipass token with Bordermanager VPN
TID 10100025

*Client to Site VPN over Cingular wireless network fails
TID 10099865

*Error: SMTP proxy could not allocate memory when loading proxy
TID 10099636

*Error 404 going thru BorderManager proxy
TID 10099628

*Cannot play some mov files thru proxy
TID 10099641

*How to set up Client to Site VPN with BorderManager
TID 10098306

*How to set up Site to Site VPN in separate trees with iManager
TID 10095268

*BorderManager ICSA Compliance Kit v6
TID 2972822

*BorderManager 3.8 POST SP4 Interim Release-2
TID 2972816

*Can a Wireless Access Point (WAP) use BorderManager and RADIUS for Wireless
TID 10098699

*Error: "420 TCP Read Error"
TID 10008678

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