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Repairing a lost Primary Domain without a Backup

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By Gert-Jan de Boer

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Posted: 4 Jan 2006

PROBLEM: In a GroupWise system with multiple post offices the Primary Domain has crashed and is now lost. There is no backup of this system and there is no data left.

SOLUTION: By using the Secondary Domains we can repair the domain and post office information of the lost Primary Domain. This includes the original GroupWise IDs.

  1. Set up a new GroupWise system on the lost system, making sure to disconnect the network cable for safety. This system needs to have the same IP address as the original system. Give this system the same name as the main (working) system. Give the new domain and post office exactly the same names as in the original system.
  2. Reconnect the newly setup system on the network. Start up a workstation and log in to the eDirectory containing the Primary Domain and to the eDirectory containing the Secondary Domain. Start up ConsoleOne with the GroupWise snapins.
  3. In the intact system, connect to the Primary Domain. Select the Secondary Domain and use GroupWise Utilities -> System Maintenance. Choose Replace Primary with Secondary. This will replace the Primary Domain with the data stored in the Secondary Domain, which restores the original situation. On the Post Office choose Rebuild Database to recreate the GroupWise users.
  4. Graft the eDirectory users to the GroupWise users.

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