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Creating an internal GroupWise account for someone with an External Email Address

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By Colin Bretagne

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Updated: 18 Jan 2006

In order to redirect emails inside your organisation for external users you need to do two things.

First you need to create a Non-GroupWise domain and a Non-GroupWise Post office. (External foreign domain for GroupWise 5.x)

Once these have been created and you have your external users, it's now possible to give these users an email address that matches the domain name of your Company.

In order to do this, create a Distribution List under one of the GroupWise post offices and give the Distribution List the same email address as the external user. Make the external user a member of this distribution list.

Now the external user has an email address of your organisation and it will automatically redirect all his emails to the external account.

For example, john.smith@"yourdomainname" can now have an email address inside your organisation that will automatically redirect to his external account.

We have this running extremely successfully.

If you have any questions you may contact Colin at

Other Suggestions

Rick Zeman

I believe that Colin went for some workarounds (the same-named group) that aren't necessary to accomplish the goal.

SOLUTION: Once the External Domain and PO are set up properly (with a link type of Gateway with your GWIA selected as the gateway link), create a user in that external post office. In the user object's GroupWise tab, select "Gateway Alias". Click "Add" and in the Alias type field browse to your GWIA (this name is defined in the GWIA object's Gateway Alias Type field and most people use "Internet"), and for the address, type in the user's EXTERNAL address ( This will allow all messages sent from the world to to get transparently redirected to, plus the users can be full participants in the Address book, groups, etc. Much more elegant, IMO.

ENVIRONMENT: I've been using this since 5.5EP so it's not dependent on a newer version of GW.

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