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Using RCConsole as a replacement for Wviewnt

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By Adam Hobbs

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Updated: 27 Jan 2006

ZENworks for Desktops 6.5
ConsoleOne 1.3.6

PROBLEM: Under ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 (and previous versions) we used to use Wviewnt.exe to remote control machines from the command line outside of ConsoleOne. This was very handy for remote-controlling regularly controlled machines, such as licence servers, card swipe machines etc.

However wviewnt.exe does not seem to work with ZENworks for desktops 6.5.

TID 10023508 does not include information for using this with ZENworks 6.5

SOLUTION: Use RCConsole.exe from ConsoleOne 1.3.6 (in ... ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\zen\RCLaunch\ ) as a replacement for wviewnt.exe.

EXAMPLE: Use the following syntax.

-c = Remote Operation (eg Remote Control or Remote view)
-a = Ip address of target machine
-w = Fully distinguished name of ws object
-n = Tree name

For example:

RCConsole -c"Remote Control" -a"" -t"0" -s"2" -w"" -n"TREE"

Other Suggestions

Shaun Pond

Please bear in mind that this solution is not supported, and Novell provides a supported alternative. Check out this section of the documentation for complete details.

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