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Best Practices for Login Scripts, Part 2

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Posted: 11 Jan 2006

Best Practices for Login Scripts

From Thomas Hopp, Germany:

If you use data from the entire WAN, you either have wide bandwidth or you have a lot of storage. In a WAN, you can (r)sync data that is used by (nearly) everyone to all locations. Use the hint provided in TID10062309 to map the same drive letter to different Volumes, depending on the IP-Net.

This is also useful if you have mobile users without notebooks. It makes it practical for a user to log in in a other location, when the ZEN profile must not copied over the WAN.

For example:

; get workstation address (hex) and cut the last signs to get the network 

include .%.OU.O
; include a profile login script depeds on the network address

From John Prescott, Australia:

Here is a login script command that I use at the container level to choose an application distribution server that is on the user's subnet.

;Below is to map a drive to the 1.x subnet (EG 192.168.1.x)
map root z:=\snapshot
;below is to map a drive to the 204.x subnet
map root z:=\snapshot

From Geoffrey Carman, Canada:

Use variables wherever possible.

For example, something like MAP ROOT F:=%HOME_DIRECTORY is magical. This means if you move the user's home directory from server to server or volume to volume, you just don't care - because the script always works.

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