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LDAP Benchmarking Script

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By Aaron Burgemeister

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Posted: 1 Mar 2006

Here is a little Perl script that I have made to do LDAP performance benchmark testing, written on OES Linux. Modifications will undoubtedly be required to run on any box without the Novell ldapsearch utility (/usr/ldaptools/bin/ldapsearch) or on any non-Linux box (paths are different, of course). I have set it up to have variables for just about everything so it should be just a matter of modifying things at the start of the script.

To run this, put it somewhere on your OES Linux box. Customize the variables at the top of the script with the correct values:

  • IP address
  • Port numbers
  • BindDN (admin DN in LDAP format)
  • Bind password
  • DER file location (for secure binds)

Make sure your DER file is where you told the script it was. Then run the script. If the script is executable (chmod +x, it should run with a simple:


If not, do the following:

perl ./

Either way, these lines assume you are in the same location as the script path-wise (of course).

Click here to access the script.

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