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Avoiding LDAP errors after Initial GroupWise Deployment

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By Rae Duncan

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Posted: 11 Jan 2006

LDAP errors were occurring regularly following deployment of GroupWise in our organization. Network staff had set things up so that GroupWise accounts and Novell NetWare usernames would be created and setup shortly before users attended their GroupWise training. When the user next logged into Novell, he/she would be prompted to change their password.

What happened was that many users simply clicked 'No' when prompted to change their password. After the 5 grace logins were used, they began seeing LDAP errors when trying to use GroupWise. The problem increased as more and more users attended training and their passwords had been set to an initial default password.

Solution: Remove GroupWise (Add/Remove Programs). Reinstall GroupWise. Reboot. Have the user log into Novell and change his/her password from the default one. No more LDAP errors!

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