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Posted: 5 Feb 2002

Toolbox.NLM has been a *very* popular support download of late. Here's how to get in on the excitement:

TOOLBOX is a collection of utilities that can be used at the server console, or executed from NCF files. All utilities, except where specified, allow operations on the local DOS partition, the local server's Volumes, and remote server's Volumes.

The utilities provided by Toolbox are:

  • auth - Manage authentication/connection information
  • beep - Ring the bell (no help available)
  • cat - Display file(s) on the screen
  • chdir (cd) - Set/View current directory or default path
  • copy (cp) - Copy utility
  • del (rm) - Delete utility
  • delay - Delay command
  • dir (ls) - Directory utility
  • echo - Echo a string to the console (no help available)
  • flag - Flag and attribute utility
  • map - Alias mapping
  • mkdir (md) - Make Directory utility
  • move (mv) - Move utility (alias for COPY /MS)
  • purge - Purge deleted files
  • rmdir (rd) - Remove Directory utility
  • shutdown - Shutdown and restart the server
  • startfile - Edit the Startup file (see help in newly created file)
    • CDV4 - Allow the CD alias in NetWare 4.x. (See CD help)
    • NONS - Disable long name space support
    • NSV4 - Enable long name space on v4.x (4.11 with Support Pack 6)
  • tapplet - Start a Java applet
  • texp - Export (copy) Toolbox.NLM and all associated files
  • tjava - Start a Java application
  • tload - Load a NetWare module
  • tmodules - List loaded NetWare modules
  • trun - Execute an NCF file
  • tunload - Unload a NetWare module
  • toolbox - Toolbox main help
  • tools - Toolbox Command List (this screen)
  • xtd,xtb,dtx - Hex, Decimal and Binary conversion

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