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Adding Storage to a Mixed NetWare/Linux Cluster

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By Dean Giles

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Posted: 12 Jan 2006


When adding storage to a mixed NetWare/Linux cluster, there is no low level communication between the two OSs. So if the storage is added to the NetWare cluster, the Linux servers will not know about the new storage, or vise versa.


When adding storage to a mixed NetWare/Linux cluster, it is necessary to down servers of the opposite OS, create the storage and mount it, then bring up the servers of the opposite OS.

For example, adding a new Pool to one of the NetWare nodes would require shutting down the Linux nodes, creating the storage and mounting it, then bringing up the Linux nodes. The Linux nodes would dynamically detect the new storage out there and populate their file system tables. If the storage was created without shutting down the Linux servers, they would not know about the new pool.

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