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Troubleshooting eDirectory 8.8 Installation

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By Akos Szechy

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Updated: 25 Jan 2006

Update from Cool Solutions reader Geoff Carman:

The main reason why you cannot install eDirectory again is that it sees the name in the Products database. What is needed is to remove the entry. You can arbitrarily remove any entry with the command LOAD UINSTALL <name>

You can use the name shown in NWconfig, Products, View Installed Products, in the left-hand column as <name>.


If an eDirectory 8.8 installation fails for any reason before the GUI part starts up, the new eMBox, iMonitor, NMAS versions will not be installed. At this point, you cannot reinstall eDirectory - it will give you the message that it is already installed, and that you can only install an additional language.


To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. At the server console, run LOAD PRODSYNC MENU.
  2. On the new screen, go to eDirectory and press Delete. This will remove eDirectory from the PRODUCTS.DAT so the installation can be done again.
  3. Go to NWCONFIG and start the eDirectory installation again. This will copy the files over again and the GUI should start fine as well.

Note: This solution was tested on NetWare 6.5, SP4a.

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