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Converting to Multi-valued Attributes

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By Alfredo Luiz Santos

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Posted: 19 Jan 2006

The following code enables the conversion of a single attribute with delimited data to a structured data form. This is very useful in advanced SAP IDM Driver customization.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><policy>
        <description>Convert Parameter from string to structured attribute.</description>
                <if-op-attr name="PARAMETER" op="available"/>
            <do-reformat-op-attr name="PARAMETER">
                <arg-value type="structured">
                    <arg-component name="PARVA">
                        <token-xpath expression="substring-after($current-value,'|')"/>
                    <arg-component name="PARID">
                        <token-xpath expression="substring-before($current-value,'|')"/>

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