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Using Directory Map Objects to Point to Folders

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By Darrell Eddy

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Posted: 18 Jan 2006


Moving directories to new volumes can make it difficult for users to find the data that belongs to the directories.


Along the lines of using variables, I have begun to use directory map objects to point to specific folders on our servers. This makes it easier when I need to move a specific directory to a new volume. Another case is just referring to a different location, such as if I run out of space and have to move the data to a new location. I just change the path and it's done.

In my case, I have a data CD that I receive twice per year. I create a folder on the volume and give it a name that represents the month and year it was created. I then copy the contents to this folder and point the directory map object to the directory.

In the login script there is a statement that maps a drive to this directory object. This is needed for an application that requires a drive letter for the data location. The application is always used with the most current dataset, but some users may still need access to the old data. By gaining access to other folders, they can search by UNC path for the older data sets - and everyone is happy.

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