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Switching between GroupWise Accounts

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By Marco Scibelli

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Posted: 18 Jan 2006

PROBLEM: Frequently I will be at a client's machine using GroupWise, and will need to exit their email account and login to either my email account or a fellow employee's.

When you exit out of GroupWise and try clicking on the GroupWise icon again and look to change their username and password, many times it will go directly into their GroupWise without a password required and not allowing you to change the account. Now if you go under Tools > Options > Security, under the Password tab, you can click use single sign on or not, or with older versions, you can click the No Password Required box to check or uncheck, to either allow access with a password or go directly into that account. However, many times I have seen this option not work and still allow GroupWise to go directly into the email account when clicking on the icon.

SOLUTION: Therefore, I will then right-click on the GroupWise icon on the desktop and choose properties, click on the shortcut tab and where the target location is of the installed GroupWise add the following switch. For example after the .exe leave a space and add /@u-?. Then click Apply and OK. Click on the GroupWise icon again and it will now allow you to change the username and password from whatever workstation you are on and need to access someone's account. Please see switch example below.

C:\Novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe /@u-?

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