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How to restore a GroupWise 7 Secondary Domain and Post office without a Backup

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By Colin Bretagne

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Posted: 24 Jan 2006

If you ever lose your Secondary Domain database because of server failure, or you discover it is corrupt and you have no backup, here is how to restore it.


Rebuild Novell server with same configuration as previous server.

Re-create same directory structure as previous system. To verify the directory structure do the following:

  1. Open ConsoleOne and connect to the primary Domain database.
  2. Select secondary Domain, go to File -> Properties and verify the path to the Domain. This can also be done for the Post office.
  3. Re-create directory structure on your new server using the paths verified in step 2.
  4. Rebuild secondary domain first. Highlight Secondary Domain, go to Tools -> GroupWise utilities -> System Maintenance.
  5. Select "Rebuild Database" and select "Run"
  6. Enter the directory where you would like the domain database to be created, this should be the path to the created in Step 3. Select OK.
  7. Domain will be re-created.
  8. Copy all the *.dc files into the Domain directory from the domain directory of the software distribution directory.
  9. Copy the OFVIEWS directory into the Post Office directory, from the CLIENT directory of the Software Distribution Directory.
  10. Copy all the *.DC files into the Post Office directory, from the PO directory of the Software Distribution Directory.
  11. In ConsoleOne, highlight the Secondary Domain, go to File -> Connect. This will connect you to the secondary Domain so you can rebuild the Post office.
  12. Highlight the post office in the secondary Domain, go to Tools -> GroupWise utilities -> System Maintenance.
  13. Choose "Rebuild Database" and click on "Run."
  14. Post office will be rebuilt.
  15. Reinstall the GroupWise POA and MTA agent, by running the Agent INSTALL.EXE in the Agent directory of the Software Distribution Directory. This will install the POA and MTA.
  16. Load the POA and MTA by running grpwise.ncf from the system directory of your server. This will re-create all the necessary directories required for Email flow to work again including a new NGWGUARD.DB file for the Post office.

NOTE: At this point when a user logs in, a NEW user database will be created in the OFUSER directory. When messages are sent or received, the Message databases will slowly be recreated.

NOTE: The above process will recreate the Post Office and Secondary Domain, but will not recreate the messages, appointments, user settings, etc. The best way to restore a Post Office is to restore from backup. Also, when a user logs in for the first time, they will have a NEW GroupWise Account, with no mail, appointments, etc. If you have a default password setup in ConsoleOne, all user accounts will revert back to this default password.

It's possible to recover the user's data by archiving their caching mailbox first before you connect to the GroupWise server. This can be done by creating an Archive rule or setting the GroupWise system to archive Emails older than 1 day. Once the Emails have been archived, the user can connect to the GroupWise server and do a send/receive. The user can then un-archive the Emails and it will be uploaded to the GroupWise server again.

I have done this on one of my servers and I was up and running in less than 20 minutes but the users lost all their Emails except those whose mailboxes were archived.

Please feel free to contact me:

Colin Bretagne

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