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Tagging Messages for Later Archiving

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By Jon Chambers

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Posted: 31 Jan 2006


Tagging messages for archiving later could be a very handy thing. If you have a message that you want to keep in your mailbox for the moment, it's easy to forget to archive it later. Wouldn't it be great to be able to tag messages so that GroupWise automatically archives them once they reach a certain age?


Here are the steps to follow to create the rule for tagging/archiving:

1. Create a Category called 'autoarchive'.

2. Create a Rule called 'autoarchive'.

a. Choose 'When event is:' and select'Startup'.

b. Define the conditions for the Rule as:

  • Delivered/less than/-65 days/today AND
  • Category/'autoarchive' END

c. Add Action: Archive

3. Save and activate the rule.

Then when you receive a message you'd like to keep in the mailbox for the moment, but would like to archive it in a couple of months, just right-click on it and select the 'Autoarchive' category.

Note: This solution was tested in Win XP Professional with GroupWise 6.5.

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