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Restricting GroupWise Messenger Use

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Eric Rothweiler

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Posted: 31 Jan 2006


You want to install GroupWise Messenger, but you need to make sure only authorized individuals can use it.


Create your first GroupWise Messenger Policy with "No Messenger" and make it your default policy. When a user is authorized to use Messenger, assign a different policy with the appropriate permissions.


Note: The management functions are completed in ConsoleOne with the GroupWise Messenger plug-ins.

1. Find your "MessengerService" container.

2. In the PolicyContainer, create a policy named "DefaultNoAccess" and set Enable Novell Messenger Service to "no" (clear the checkbox).

3. Apply the changes and click OK.

4. In the MessengerService container, right-click and choose Properties. In this view, make sure you set the DefaultPolicy to match the resticted policy you just created.

5. Click Apply and click OK.

Almost there!

6. Go back to the PolicyContainer and create at least one policy with Enable Novell Messenger Service checked (enabled).

7. Restart the messenger service to read the new default policy and assign users to the other permissive policies as desired.

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