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How to use Backup Exec with Backup-to-Disk and SSO at the same time

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By Eric Marcus

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Posted: 26 Jan 2006


Backup Exec cannot do Backup-To-Disk and SSO option at the same time.


Have 2 copies of Backup Exec on the server, VOL1:BKUPEXECSSO and VOL1:BKUPEXECB2D One with the SSO license serial number and one without the SSO license serial number.


  1. Edit a NCF file called BESTARTSSO.NCF and have this one load Backup exec from VOL1:BACKUPEXECSSO
  2. Edit BESTARTB2D.NCF to load Backup Exec from VOL1:BACKUPEXECB2D.
  3. In VOL1:BACKUPB2D\LICENSE, make sure that the serial number for SSO is rem'ed out.
  4. At the server console, type BESTARTSSO.
  5. Make sure you can see the tape device by configuring the Shared Device in Media Server settings
  6. Schedule backup jobs to backup your Backup-To-Disk folders to the library and schedule the jobs to run during production hours.
  7. Exit out of Backup Exec.
  8. Type BESTARTB2D at the console, make sure that Shared Device is not selected.
  9. Make your Backup To Disk folders per instructions and schedule jobs to run during non production hours.
  10. Set up CRON JOBS in SYS:ETC\CRONTAB to start BESTARTSSO during production hours and after B2D is done (you will have to monitor it to make sure its enough time)
  11. And to START BESTARTB2D at non production hours after B2D is done, again monitor the time.
  12. Make sure CRON runs BESTOP 5 minutes before loading BESTARTB2D or BESTARTSSO.


NetWare 6.X. Backup Exec 9.X. Any Tape Library.

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