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Best Login Practices - Part 4

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By Paul Gear

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Posted: 15 Feb 2006


We had a lot of problems in older client versions with workstations holding the login script open, locking it from changes. (I'm not sure whether newer clients have the same problem.)


We got around this by keeping our top-level O's login script very simple:

;Login Script For O - Must be Included by all user containers

write "Login script modified: Name YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM"

if member of ".ProfileDevel.O" then
   rem profile .2005-017.LoginScript.O
   profile .2006-001.LoginScript.O
   write "*** ProfileDevel.O ***"
   if member of ".ProfileTest.O" then
       rem profile .2005-017.LoginScript.O
       profile .2006-001.LoginScript.O
       write "*** ProfileTest.O ***"
       rem profile .2005-015.LoginScript.O
       profile .2005-016.LoginScript.O

Then the serious work work is done in the profiles inside LoginScript.O. We never modify an existing login script object. We just copy it to a new one with the next higher version number, and edit that one before activating it.

This gets us around the locking issue. It also enables us to control the version of development, test, and production users separately.

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