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Helping ZENworks Differentiate between Windows XP and XP Tablet

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By Jeremy Mlazovsky

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Posted: 10 Feb 2006

PROBLEM: ZENworks does not currently have any ability to differentiate between Windows XP and XP Tablet Edition.

SOLUTION: We use the Lotus Notes client where I work. We use v6.5.3 due to some unwanted "features" introduced in v6.5.4. Unfortunately, v6.5.3 does not work with Windows XP Tablet Edition, so in those cases we want to push out v6.5.4, which DOES work.

ZENworks does not currently have any way to natively differentiate between the two operating systems, so I needed to find a script or a simple application which can kickoff an installation of the appropriate Notes client dependingon on whether the OS was XP Professional or XP Tablet Edition.

I posted this question in the Novell support forums, and someone was able to find an answer that required writing an application in C++ or VB. The sample code was posted in a Microsoft support forum located here.

I am an avid fan of the free scripting language AutoIt and I didn't want to have to install Visual Studio for something this small. Luckily, the new betas of AutoIt include the ability to link to .DLL files, so I was able to port this simple app to AutoIt. At this moment, the current version of AutoIt is v3.1.1. but does not include the ability to link to .DLL files, so you will need to install the beta version, which can be found here.


Compile the code below into a stand-alone .exe file, and run this in your "Install Notes" ZEN App.

Dim $result
Const $TabletPC = 86

$result = DllCall ( 'user32.dll', 'int', 'GetSystemMetrics', 'int', $TabletPC )

If $result[0] = 1 Then
    MsgBox ( 0, 'Debug', 'TabletPC!' )
    RunWait ( 'My_Notes_v6.5.4_installer.exe' )
    MsgBox ( 0, 'Debug', 'NOT TabletPC!' )
    RunWait ( 'My_Notes_v6.5.3_installer.exe' )

If you have any questions you may contact Jeremy at

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