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By Jason Gutierrez

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Posted: 14 Feb 2006

Cool Solutions reader Jason Gutierrez maintains a GroupWise tutorial web site for the University of North Texas. He would like to share that site with other GroupWise users in hopes that they find it useful. He has received e-mails from around the country with positive responses to the site.

The address is:

In addition to web tutorials, the site features a video that walks the user through the solution in some instances. Jason also provide access to the site via RSS feed. Usually, one tutorial per week is posted to the site.

Example Tutorial: Linking Tasks to the Checklist Folder

The Checklist folder was introduced in GroupWise 6.5, adding a personal project management tool to this already robust collaboration client. What you may or may not have noticed is that tasks added to the calendar are not automatically added to the Checklist, though tasks are by their nature suitable for project tracking.

This tip will show you how to bridge the gap between your GroupWise tasks and your Checklist. By doing so you will make your Checklist folder act as a central location for overall productivity tracking. Also bear in mind that these tasks are linked to your calendar, so whatever changes you make to the item in the checklist are actually made to the original item in the calendar. If you delete the item from the Checklist folder, you will be actually deleting the item from the calendar.

To link your Tasks to your Checklist,

  1. Create a new rule.
  2. Name the rule.
  3. Trigger the event on both "Received" and "Posted" messages.
  4. Under item type select Task.
  5. Add the Link to Folder action.
  6. Select the Checklist folder in the navigation window that appears and click Link.
  7. Save the rule and return to GroupWise.

Now whenever you post or receive a task to your calendar, a link will be automatically placed in your Checklist.

If you would like to see a demonstration of this tutorial, you will find it and others at:

You may also subscribe to Jason's XML feed at:

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