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Quick Access to Various Files on Multiple NetWare Servers

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By Ian Button

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Posted: 7 Feb 2006


Need quick access to various files/agents on a large number of NetWare servers (AUTOEXEC.NCF, CONFIG.TXT, CONSOLE.LOG, ABEND.LOG, Compaq/Dell management agents etc).


  • Setup a word-processing document containing a table - 1 row per server, 1 column per target file.

  • In each cell enter an asterisk (or any single character, to keep the column narrow) as a hyperlink pointing to the target file or management agent URL.

  • Column headers can have sideways text to save space.

Keep this document open in a window, and you can bring up any file quickly.


It works fine with MS Word 97 as the word-processor and IE5 as the browser.

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