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Posted: 8 Feb 2002

Jessica, our cheerful, yet long-suffering Novell mailmaster, has received so many requests for the classic old DOS Client that she has arranged for us to post it in our Cool Tools section.

Here's a typical request:

"Please return the Novell DOS client to this page. Or at least a link to a site where I can download one. Support from your side is not needed, but simply not offering any DOS client anymore is a bit too drastic."

So if you're one of the many folks who've called the Customer Response Center or submitted requests about the DOS Client (you know who you are), this one's for you.

Just bear in mind that the reason it's not available on the normal Software Downloads page is that it is no longer a supported Novell product. Which means you'll be met with stony silence if you try to call Support about it. If you're okay with that, feel free to download it now.



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