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Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Ted Haeger

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Posted: 22 Feb 2006

Finally, a podcast for the die-hard Novell enthusiast! Novell Users International and Novell have teamed up to bring you Novell Open Audio, the cool audio companion for the avid Cool Solutions reader.

If you constantly hunger to know what's going on with Novell technology...if you need to hear more from Novell's technology visionaries and gurus...if you ache to know how Novell is driving various open source projects forward...or, if you lie awake at night wishing for an inside scoop on Novell product roadmaps and technology strategies...then Novell Open Audio is for you.

Novell Open Audio plugs you in to the luminaries who are driving the Open Enterprise vision. At Novell Open Audio, we're lining up interviews with open source hackers and project maintainers, Novell product managers, and key developers of Novell enterprise products. We even bring in the occasional Novell executive to get their spin on what's happening at Novell and where the company is heading next.

Novell Open Audio presents this material to you in a show format, with new episodes coming out roughly every other week. And since Novell Open Audio is implemented as a podcast, you can listen however it's most convenient to you. You can manually download each edition, and listen online. (It makes a great accompaniment for the cool hum of your server room!) Or you can use audio management software like iTunes or Juice to subscribe to the Novell Open Audio RSS feed. With an MP3 player, automatic downloads will set you up to take Novell Open Audio with you on your commute, to the gym, or anywhere else you have time to listen.

With Novell Users International involved in the program, you can bet this is not just another corporate technology podcast. Novell Open Audio is a community program that puts the Novell user community in charge of its content and direction. At, you can get involved in the program, send feedback, rate different programs, request topics and interview guests, and even suggest some of the questions to ask.

Impress your friends and colleagues with how much you know. Show them how tightly connected you are to Novell. Start listening to Novell Open Audio today.

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