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Installing a Removable Hard Drive for Data Backups on NetWare

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By Jim Ferrill

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Posted: 16 Feb 2006

New on the market is IOMEGA REV drive, a removable hard drive for making data backups. But, installing and configuring for use in NetWare is a challenge.


I purchased the ATAPI version of the IOMEGA REV drive. I had to include the IDEMO driver to get the drive recognized in NetWare 6.5. I used NRM to partition the disk cartridge. I found it easier to specify Traditional File System.

After this, issue DISMOUNT VOLUME or MOUNT VOLUME from NRM to remove/insert your preferred hard disk cartridge for backup/restore operations.

Probably any backup software that allows writing to disk would be acceptable. I use Backup Exec because it is comfortable for me. I used the BackupToFolder option, creating 5 folders, named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I defined backup jobs for each day of the week, selecting the correct folder for each day - and it works great!


NetWare 6.5, SP5

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