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Setting NSL User Rights through iManager

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By David Guest

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Posted: 8 Mar 2006


In order for NSL to function correctly, it is necessary for the NSL users to have rights to access the specific attributes held against the user object. Normally this is done as the user is created through ConsoleOne (or iManager with NSL 6). However, this can only be accomplished by using a ConsoleOne implementation that includes the NSL snap-ins, and having a copy of NSL running on the Console One workstation.


As an alternative, it is possible to use the [This] object included in recent versions of eDirectory. This automatically assigns the rights to all logged in users and is set through the web administration interface, iManager.

This article shows you how to set the rights up using iManager so that all users will be able to access the attributes correctly.


1. Access iManager.

2. Choose the Modify Trustees task from the Rights section within the Directory tasks. This shows the following information.

Figure 1: Modify Trustees task

3. Select the Object to be edited. To set the [This] object, the directory tree should be selected.

Figure 2: Selecting the directory tree

4. Once the [This] object is selected, grant rights as shown in the following screenshot.

Figure 3: Granting right to [This]

This will ensure that the user has the correct rights to the object.

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