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OPEN CALL: ZfD 7 Bootable Linux CD For T43 Laptops

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Updated: 10 May 2006

Marc R. wrote: H-E-L-P! I cannot backup or restore images to a T43 laptop. While the network card works and I get an IP address via DHCP, the hard drive is not recognized. Since I am running ZfD 7 on NW 6.5, I do not know much about Linux to fix this. Other Linux's seem to boot and run fine on the T43, including SUSE Linux 10. Can you offer any suggestions?

OPEN CALL: Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for Marc? Fire away.


Tomas Gudmundsson

To be able to boot the T43 into PXE:

Enter the T43's BIOS:

Enter the Config menu --> Network --> Hard Drive Direct Memory Access = Disabled.

Save the settings with F10 and PXE boot should work fine.

Seth Galitzer

We don't use ZfD for imaging, we use partimage, run from a Knoppix boot CD. Partimage is not being actively developed, but it works well for our needs as it is. You can run partimage in a client/server configuration, or mount a directory from your server on the local machine and copy your image to/from there.

Gernot Hübner

I fixed the problem imaging a IBM T43 by changing a BIOS setting.

Enter Bios,
Network --> Disable Hard drive Direct Memory Access (DMA)

Joseph Roosen

I have a solution for you. Follow these steps:

  1. Boot to the T43 BIOS Setup Menu.
  2. Access the CONFIG menu.
  3. Access the Network submenu.
  4. Locate the setting labeled "Hard Drive Direct Memory Access (DMA)"
  5. Change the setting to disabled.
  6. Hit f10 to save your changes and exit the BIOS

I do not notice any performance degradation as a result of this change in the BIOS.

Also here is some background info:

It appears this problem is caused by a new power management feature on in the SATA onboard controller. See this page for more info.

Chris Bracy

  1. Check out TID 10099097. Turn off Disk DMA in BIOS (it's under Network).
  2. Use the ZfD6.5.1 Bootcd.iso. In limited testing, it will work against a ZfD7.0 server.

Joerg Fellner

Change settings.txt on CD-Image (bootcd.iso) with WinISO and burn a new boot-CD.

# IBM T43 serial ATA-HD
# Novell TID:10099713
if hwinfo --pci | grep -i "Device: pci 0x2653" ; then
 modprobe ata_piix

Rich Bryant

I recently submitted a zip file with instructions on building a ZENworks 6.5 boot CD using SUSE 10 to Cool Solutions as a cool tool. I don't know if the 6.5 boot CDs will work with a ZENworks 7 server, but if it does, he can use those instructions to build his own bootcd.iso that should work with the T43 laptop. Worth a shot anyway.

Here's the Cool Tool: Custom ZENworks 65 Boot CD

Michael Murray

The IBM R52 laptops have a SATA interface as well, so disabling the hard drive DMA access also fixes imaging on the R52.

Dwayne Watkins

I have just put out 28 of these bad boys. You definitely have to turn off HDD DMA under network to get ZENworks imaging to work, after that I was able to create the images complete with the biometric keys installed. Here are my notes:

If you have the T43 with the biometric security installed, make sure that the security chip is cleared of ALL settings and if you have any fingerprints saved they are cleared as well. The boot process gets interrupted when all the settings are in effect.

When creating the image you CAN store the fingerprints in the image without any problems with setup. THE BIOS HAS TO BE CLEARED FOR THIS TO WORK!!

(Using Win XP Pro SP2) Do your Windows setup install and preparation. After all the prep work is done, install the IBM SOFTWARE FIRST, if not this causes a conflict in the Novell Client Gina and ZENworks refuses to autostart. You can then input your admin fingerprints (I recommend a minimum of 2 fingers). Password protect the default Windows accounts. Install the Novell Client and ZFD, replace the third part Gina. Move the Access IBM folder to another location (so users can't play, even though they are locked out). Use the MS tool SYSPREP on the local machine set for FACTORY and MINISETUP. This will allow for a change in the security GUIDs so that there are no intermittent user issues.

  1. Create image.
    Set the image creation for balanced speed and optimization -- makes for an 11:00 min image creation on a 1 Gbs network (no errors this way)
  2. Once you have created and restored an image, the final setup comes from within Windows.
    1. Run the IBM Client Security Software
    2. Click: Modify your Security Settings
      -Fingerprint/ Smart Card settings
      - click LAUNCH
      - Enter your ADMIN password
      - re-swipe finger
    3. Save and exit.
  3. Next, Run the IBM Fingerprint software.
    - Control Center
    - Click on FINGERPRINTS
    - select POWER-ON security
    -add your fingerprints
  4. Now go and configure your BIOS and shut off HDD DMA (improves HDD performance)

You're done.

For additional details email me or my partner with IBM T43 in the subject line.

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