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How to Manually Set Up an Installation Source for Installing OES Linux Across the Network

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By Clive Richards

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Posted: 3 Mar 2006


How to install Linux OES across the network.

Part 1 can be done using YAST but I've found that this sometimes doesn't work - it often doesn't complete and just hangs. This is the 'never-fails' manual method.


Part 1 - Setting up an installation source

Download all the ISOs from Novell to a temporary directory on an existing Linux box.

Search Novell's site for '' and download the latest version of this script (they may release newer ones with subsequent releases of SLES) into the same directory as the ISOs.

If the file ends with '.tar.gz' then it will need unpacking with:

     gunzip <filename>

Which will unzip the file and remove the '.gz' extension, then run

     tar xvf <filename>

Which will unpack the contents of the tar archive.

In the resulting unpacked stuff there will be a number of versions of the script in subdirectories that are named as per the version of SLES you are installing. Change directory to the relevant version and make it executable:

     chmod +x <filename>

Then run the script (don't forget to put ./ in front of the filename) eg.:


It will ask you for the source ISOs and then where you would like to unpack them to.

Once this is finished you can delete the ISOs to free up space.

Now configure Apache to 'deliver' this install location via HTTP. Go to /etc/apache2/conf.d and if it's not there already, create a file called 'inst_server.conf'.

Open this file in a text editor (preferably vi) and enter the following text:

<IfDefine inst_server>
    Alias /install/ /<Unpacked_ISOs_Location>/
    <Directory /<Unpacked_ISOs_Location>/>

        Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks
        IndexOptions +NameWidth=*

        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


Then restart the Apache server by entering:

     rcapache2 restart

Now you can install SLES machines from this source in Part 2.

Part 2 - Installing SLES over the Network

Boot the server from CD1 and, at the initial screen, press F3 to change the installation type from CD ROM to HTTP:

Type in the IP address of the source server with the directory 'install':

Then press enter twice to begin the installation.

You should not be prompted for any CDs during the install.

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