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NT Servers and Timesync

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By Tim Edmonds

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Posted: 27 Jul 2000

NT servers do not sync time to using the NetWare timesync protocol, yet always have their timesync flags raised to yes. The recommended way to sync time in hetero networks is to use NTP (Network Time Protocol) software. This is based on IETF standards and is available on all major OSes today.

TIMESYNC.NLM v5.09 and above support NTP. Simply use the IP Address on the server with :123.

There is NTP available for NT, and a quick search of shows a few...

UNIX has this built in! As a time consumer - use NTPDATE <ipaddr>.

Another option, for NT servers, is to use the TIMESERV.EXE package that comes in the NT Server Resource Kit. However, use the kit for a license and setup info, download the update from Microsoft. You can point this to the Reference NetWare Server, assuming it is NetWare 5, or to any NTP source that may be available. I have found several customers who setup their core router as an NTP source for the enterprise. You can also find public NTP sources at the following link:

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