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Thawing a Frozen GroupWise Client

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By Corrado Ferilli

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Posted: 21 Mar 2006


The user has made some shares in his address book. After a couple of days, the GroupWise client freezes when the user tries to open the address book or tries to start a search.


Here are the steps to follow to fix the problem:

1. Restore the user PO (see the remark at the end of this tip).

2. In the production environment, if the PO access mode is "Client/Server only", change it to "Client/Server and Direct" and rebuild the PO database, storing the file in a temporary location. This file will be used with the restored PO, not in the real PO.

3. Connect in Direct mode to the restored PO, with the user credentials, using the following command:

- C:\Novell\GroupWise\GrpWise.exe /ph-\\servername\volume\path_to_restored_PO /@u-?

4. Try to access to the address book. If the error still occurs, you should restore another version of the PO (restart to step 1).

5. If all works fine, close the GW client.

6. Connect to the real PO with the user credentials and archive all the elements that are newer than the restored PO.

7. Close the GW client and stop the POA.

8. Replace the actual user DB file (userXXX.db located in the OFUSER folder of the PO) with that you find in the restored PO.

9. Restart the POA.

10. Connect to the real PO with the user credentials and check that the error does not occur.

11. Restore the items you archived in step 6.

12. Don't forget to change the PO access mode to his initial value. A rebuild is not necessary.

If the PO is very large, you can try restoring only the following files:

  • wphost.db
  • userXXX.db  to store in OFUSER subfolder
  • OFVIEWS folder

This should be enough make the connection with the GW client.

Note: This solution was tested in an environment with Windows XP, GroupWise 6.5, and GroupWise 7.0.

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