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Read-only Access to IDM via iManager

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By Tim Andrews

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Posted: 29 Mar 2006


We had a requirement to provide read-only access to the DirXML (Identity Manager) interface in iManager. We needed to determine if the drivers were up and functioning, without using any tools beyond iManager.


Here are the steps we followed to solve the problem:

1. Create a new Role Based Services container.

2. Install only the DirXML plugins.

3. Apply a scope to the RBS. This scope needs to be somewhere that will not let rights flow to the container with the DirXML Driver Set.

4. Assign the DirXML Overview role to the user who should have read-only access. Use the same scope as for the RBS.

5. Assign eDirectory Read/Compare rights for the user to the Driver Set object (or container above it).

Note: We used this solution with iManager 2.5 on Solaris and Windows 2003.

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