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Configuring NetStorage for Text View Only

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Martin Haaksema

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Posted: 23 Mar 2006


Configure NetStorage to use text view only.


  1. Edit \\netstorageserver\sys\tomcat\4\webapps\NetStorage\messages.js.en

    Find the following line:

    msgFolderView = "Folderview"
    and replace it with

    msgFolderView = ""
    This will remove the Folder view option while using NetStorage.
    (It will still be there, you just can't use it.)

  2. To force users to use the text view, use the rewrite.nlm that comes with Apache.

    Just edit \\netstorageserver\sys\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf and add the following lines: (at the end)

    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/rewrite.nlm 
    # Start engine 
    RewriteEngine On 
    # Logfile aan 
    RewriteLog logs/rewrite.log 
    #logging levvel (0=no logging)  
    RewriteLogLevel 0
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^NetStorage\.domain\.nl$ [NC,OR] 
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^NetStorage$ [NC] 
    RewriteRule ^/$ [R,L] 


Tested on NetWare 6.5 SP4a in combination with iChain

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