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Easier Attachment Saving for Mac GroupWise Users

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By Bill Mercer

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Posted: 28 Mar 2006

My Macintosh users use the GroupWise Cross-Platform client. This client doesn't allow you to drag and drop attachments, so to save an attachment file, they use the Save As option from the right-click menu.

The problem: when this dialog appears, if you try to navigate to a different folder to save the file, the file's original name is erased.

While this might not seem like a big deal, for users who send and receive lots of attachments, it's very annoying, especially when working with lots of image files. Users must either try to remember the file name, or copy the filename before navigating to a different folder, and then paste it back in after selecting the destination.


This is more of a workaround for a bug. However, it made my Mac users happier, so I figure it might be of value to someone else as well.

1. For each folder where you want to be able to store attachments, identify an item inside that folder.

2. Create an alias to this item, and move it into the user's home folder (or whatever the default folder is that appears when you first open the Save As dialog).

3. Rename the alias so it appears at the beginning of the file list and refers to the folder the original file is in.

4. When the Save As dialog appears, SINGLE-click on this alias. The dialog's context will change to the containing folder for the alias, without erasing the original file name.

Now the user can save the file with its original name in the desired location without having to remember the file name or copy and paste. (Most of my users tend to save their attachments to only one of a handful of places.)

Note: This works with OS X Tiger using the GroupWise cross platform client 6.5.5. It will probably work with other OS versions as well, though I haven't tried it.


User Jessica wants to save all attachments to the PHOTOS folder on the file server.

a) She looks in the PHOTOS folder and selects a file she knows will be there for a long time.

b) She creates an alias to this file and moves it into her Home folder.

c) She renames the alias to say Link To Photos.

d) In GroupWise, she selects an attachment and chooses Save As.

e) In the Save dialog, she single-clicks the Link to Photos alias. The dialog now switches to the Photos folder.

f) She clicks Save to save the file in the new folder with its original name.

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