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Sending Messages from Two Domains for a Single User

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By Jim Michael

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Posted: 18 Apr 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"I have a user called 'user1'. And my prefered internet domain is ''. So my prefered email id is ''. I added an additional internet domain ''. But I can receive mails in both email IDs. If I am sending mails from my account it is only allowing me to send using ''.

Is this the alias for the user? Or Is there any other way to add aliases for a user? Can I have an alias for the above user like '' or ''?"

And here's the response from Forum expert Jim Michael ...


The GroupWise client does not lend itself to easily "choosing" which domain your user "sends from". Aliases won't help you here, because the Alias will change your outbound address to ONLY the address associated with that user/gateway.

If I'm understanding what you're trying to accomplish, you want to be able to send some messages as, and other messages as If that is correct, you have to use a "trick" in GroupWise:

1. Decide which address you want to be your "normal" outbound address. This is the domain you will associate with your GW user account as it's preferred email ID. We'll assume

2. Use the GroupWise "Accounts" menu to create a fake POP3 account, pointing at your GWIA. In there you can create the address

Now when you send a message, you can use the send button "dropdown" arrow to choose which account you are sending from. The "fake" POP account is there ONLY to allow you to send as a different user/domain, through your GWIA.

Note that Internet Addressing largely replaces the need for aliases, because you can choose the "preferred address format" for a user via Internet Addressing. There's really no need that I can see for you to use the Alias feature.

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