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Automating Private Sub-Calendars

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 4 Apr 2006


A reader asked the following question:

"With the new GroupWise 7 sub-calendar feature, it seemed like a good idea to set up one of my calendars as a private calendar, with all appointments in it marked private. Unfortunately, I can't come up with a working Rule that will automate the privitization operation.

A file triggered by "filed" with the subcalendar as the selected "folder" is not triggered by posting an appointment in the sub-calendar. Instead, it is triggered when I make the appointment in the main Calendar and then drag it to the sub-calendar.

Any suggestions on how to automate this use of sub-calendars?"

And here's the response from Danita Zanre ...


How about this - what if you make a rule that on "folder close" marks items private? That way, each time you enter an appointment in the sub-calendar and then move on, it will do the magic that you desire.

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