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Customizing WebAccess Pages

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Posted: 18 Apr 2006


A Forum reader asked:

"Can anyone give me an idea how I might customize the WebAccess pages? I'd like to insert the name and logo of my small company."

And here are a few of the responses that came in ...


1. Check out the file in your <tomcat>/webapps/ROOT/web-inf/com/novell/webaccess/templates directory. It allows you to do some basic things like change the logo in the corner, change colors, etc.

More advanced customizations can be done, but it's quite easy to break the templates and you need a good HTML person to do it.

2. Marvin Huffaker Consulting has a nice "How To" on putting a logo and company name on WebAcess 7 only:

3. There is also whole section under on how to customize WebAccess.

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