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Changing IP Addresses after GroupWise Upgrade

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By Edward van der Maas

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Posted: 9 May 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am upgrading my GroupWise 6.5 server to GroupWise 7 on OES on Linux. After I get my GroupWise migrated, I would like to change the IP address of the OES box to the old IP of the 6.5 server. This ensures that I don't have to make any MX or DNS changes.

Are there any issues to changing the IP address on the OES box after I am completely done with the migration?"

And here's the response from Edward van der Maas ...


You'll need to change the IP address on the POA and MTA objects in ConsoleOne. If your GroupWise server does not have a public IP address, all you need to change is the natting on your firewall.

If it does have a public address, you'll need to change their object properties in ConsoleOne as well.

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