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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Automatically Assign Categories

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By BrainStorm, Inc.

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Posted: 28 Mar 2006

From folders to filtering, GroupWise 7 gives you several options to organize your messages and appointments. Assigning your items to categories is one more way to sift through a mountain of messages, but manually assigning each message to a category can get a little tedious.

One of the ways you may want to categorize your items is by assigning messages that come from people outside your GroupWise system to a certain category. Here's how to create a rule to do it for you.

  1. Select Tools | Rules.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name the rule appropriately.
  4. Next to the New Item button, check Received.
  5. Click the types of items you'd like to automatically categorize.
  6. Click Define Conditions.
  7. From the first drop-down menu, select All Fields.
  8. Select View Name.
  9. Leave the middle menu set at contains ([]).
  10. In the second box, type "Internet".
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Add Action.
  13. Select Category.
  14. In the New Category box, type a description of your category.
  15. Click Add.
  16. Click Edit Color.
  17. Assign a color to your new category.
  18. Click OK.
  19. Click Save.
  20. Click Close.

Now, each time you receive new items from outside your system, they will automatically fall in your new category.

(Click the play button below to see a flash demonstration of this tip.)

You may also want to create a similar rule that would assign all items from your supervisor as Urgent or Follow-Up. When you define the conditions, just choose From from the first drop-down menu and type your supervisor's name in the second box.

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