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Updating the GroupWise Time Server

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By Norm O'Neal

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Posted: 11 Apr 2006


The Indiana Time Zone is changing and will now reflect the daylight savings time. Netware and GroupWise need to be updated!


Before you begin - read the following critical information ...

It's important that you have your hardware clock set (whether by DOS or another means) before you bring your server up. This will ensure that you have the least amount of time variance - especially in a multi-server environment.

If you are running eDirectory on a multi-server network, changing a secondary server's time may not be desirable. That's because you run the risk of throwing that server into "synthetic time." Changing the time on the Primary time server can cause problems if the time is set behind any secondary servers that are getting their time from this Primary time server. You then also run the risk of throwing the servers into synthetic time.

Synthetic time occurs when time synchronization is lost because the server's local time has been set backwards. Synthetic time is the process of creating timestamps from the most recent timestamp in eDirectory. From this timestamp, the event counter increments until it reaches 65,535 events, then another second is added to time and the event counter continues to increment. This process continues until real time catches up with the synthetic time stamps being used.

Procedures for Changing the Time Zone

A: Changing the Time Zone settings on the Server to Eastern with DST

1. Load Monitor.

2. Go to Server Parameters > Time and modify the following settings:

  a. Start of Daylight Savings Time: (April Sunday First 2:0:0 am) 
  b. End of Daylight Savings Time: (October Sunday Last 2;0:0 am) 
  c. Daylight Savings Time Offset - +1:00:00 
  d. Time Zone - EST5EDT 

3. Change your AUTOEXEC.NCF and add each of the following SET commands to the top of the file:

  a. SET TIME ZONE = EST5EDT   b. SET Daylight Savings Time Offset = +1:00:00   c. SET Start Of Daylight Savings Time = (April Sunday First 2:0:0 am)   d. SET End Of Daylight Savings Time = (October Sunday Last 2:0:0 am)

4. Save your changes and exit.

5. Escape out and save.


B: Changing the GroupWise Time Zone for the Domains and Post offices

Note: Perform Procedures B and C in the same timeframe, and make sure that no one creates any appointments until all the steps are completed.)

1. Launch ConsoleOne.

2. Right-click on the Domain/Post Office Object and select Properties.

3. Change the Time Zone to Eastern Standard Time US and Canada.

4. Click Apply and Close.

5. Repeat these steps for all Domains and Post offices.

Changing the Time Zone Simultaneously on All Workstations

Note that all the appointments will shift ahead by one hour.

1. Download and extract the GroupWise Time Adjuster from the following web site:

2. Shut down all the Post Offices.

3. MAP the Z drive to your Post Office Directory (e.g., Z:\PO).

4. From the Command prompt type "ADJAPPT Z:\PO -1 /as-04/02/2006 /ae-10/29/2006 /us"

The above will shift all the appointments one hour behind.

5. For an individual sender, enter the following command:
ADJAPPT z:\po -1 /as-04/02/2006 /ae-10/29/2006 /us /ui-userxxx.db

6. Perform the above for all Post Offices.

7. Start the Post Office Agents.

Once the above has been done, please follow the steps listed below to clear out Time Zone Settings from the User Database.

1. Launch ConsoleOne.

2. Right-click the Post Office Object and select GroupWise Utilities | Mailbox/Library Maintenance.

3. Click Object Type and Click User/Resource in the Object Type.

4. Select Action > Reset Client Options.

5. In the Misc Tab, type "CLEARTZ" without quotes.

6. Click Run.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 above for all Post Offices.

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