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Updating the Photo Agreement in eGuide

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Updated: 12 Apr 2006


"I am just now setting up eGuide 2.1.x on a SUSE server. Things are going pretty well, with most of the configuration tweaks accomplished to have it work the way we want it to.

One question remains: We are going to allow our users to upload their own photos. I read in the Help system that an administrator can require that some type of agreement be accepted before they are allowed to upload. However, I can't find anything in the Administration Guide that details just how this works and how to implement it.

My questions are these:

1) How do we force a user to agree to an 'acceptable use' policy before posting their photo, web site link, etc?

2) Where do do we modify the contents of the agreement?"


Here's an approach you can try:

1. Go into went into the attributes section and chose an attribute that you know you won't be using. For example, you could select ldapPhoto.

2. Check the enabled and editable box for that attribute.

3. Change the template to PHOTOAGREE and save it. This turns on the Photo Agree information.

4. You need to give rights to enable that attributed to be modified by the user. To do that, access iManager, go to the Rights section, and chose Modify Trustees. As an example, you could choose the top O if you have only one O, and then add an attribute to the [PUBLIC] object so that everyone would receive it. You could leave "read" and "compare" as checked, and add "write" and "inheritable" as well.

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