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Adding Phone Extensions in eGuide

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By John Peacock

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Posted: 12 Apr 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"I'm trying to add a field to eGuide for telephone extensions, and I'm re-using the Jack Number field. I got the field to appear in eGuide, but it only shows up as "Jack Number", and I want it to appear as "Phone Extension".

I used the eGuide Admin utility to change the field. It returns "Your information has been saved!" but it still appears as Jack Number.

Is there something I am missing?"

And here's the reply from John Peacock ...


Try doing it this way instead:

1. Go into LDAP Data Sources and click the Attributes tab.

2. Find the LDAP Attribute Name for "Jack Number" and change the Template Key to read "EXTENSION".

3. Click Save.

4. Stop and start Tomcat (tc4stop and tomcat4). I don't think you have to refresh the schema).

5. Now go into "Attribute Labels" and find the new attribute Attribute.EXTENSION.Label and change that to read whatever you want (e.g., "Phone Extension").

6. Do step 4 again (just for fun).

7. If you are using RBS, you need to add the new field to the appropriate Role (including most especially the EGuide Default View).

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