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eGuide Logo Customization Tips

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By John Peacock

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Posted: 19 Apr 2006


A Forum reader asked the following questions:

"In OES SP1, how would I do the following things?

1. Change the virtual-office Logo and replace it with a customer's company logo?

2. Change the eGuide Logo and replace it with a customer's company logo?

3. Change the Novell login Logo and replace it with a customer's company logo?"

And here's a solution from eGuide expert John Peacock:


Step 1:

Use "View Source" or "View Image" to check out the exact path for each of those three images.

Step 2a:

Replace those files with the appropriate customer logo (renamed to match the existing filename).


Step 2b:

Search the eGuide XSL source files (should be all under something like tomcat/4/webapps/eGuide/WEB-INF) and change the source file to point at the customer logo files. You may need to stop and restart TomCat to get the change to "take" (since there is some server-side caching usually involved).

All of the webapps, whether it be eGuide or iManager or whatever, are stitched together using a combination of XLT templates and XLS datafiles.

Pick one of the filenames, say:

and search for logo_trans_warmgray_white.gif below the tomcat directory. Change that one file and reload the page and see if it changed. Repeat for the other logos that need changing.

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