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Cool Tip from Messaging Architects: Correcting Indexing Problems in GroupWise

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By Messaging Architects

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Posted: 11 Apr 2006


If the GroupWise QuickFinder index files are corrupt, search queries can return unexpected results or very slow in response.


To validate whether you have index issues, open the GroupWise client for the account in question, run a date range search and determine whether the client returns the expected results. If the results are not returned correctly, then most likely there is an index corruption for the account.


Warning: The following procedures should be run after hours, as they can seriously impact GroupWise server performance and accessibility. The time required to run this process will depend on the number of users and the amount of messages on the server. GroupWise Post Offices in excess of 20 GB could take over 8 hours to run.

1. Shut down the POA Post Office Agent.

2. Rename <post office directory>\OFUSER\INDEX to INDEX.OLD

3. Restart POA Agent in debug mode: LOAD GWPOA @<poname>.POA /LL-DEBUG

4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Q to start the QuickFinder Indexing process.

5. After the process is finished, switch logging level back to normal.

6. Ensure that QuickFinder Indexing is turned on in the POA properties and set to run at least once per day during off-peak periods.

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