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Building and Deploying Windows Images using ZENworks Imaging

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By Jeremy Mlazovsky

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Posted: 17 Apr 2006

ENVIRONMENT: ZENworks for Desktops (tested with v6.52+)
Windows XP+SP2

Looking for an automated process for building drive images, without having to purchase a 3rd-party product?

SOLUTION: Visit the open source UD IMAGE project at Novell Forge.

UD IMAGE (University of Dayton Image Menus and Generating Environment) is a complete solution for creating and deploying Windows images using the ZENworks imaging engine.

Unlike other projects which try to standardize on creating a single universal image for all hardware, this solution provides a framework for automating a clean installation of Windows, all Windows Updates, drivers, Client32, ZEN agent, and applications.

The project site includes source code and detailed instructions for setting up the build process for your environment.

The Wiki documentation page can be found here.

Source code is available for download via SubVersion (SVN), but you can also view it in your web browser here.

The documentation is roughly 85% complete so far.

If anyone else wants to help develop this further, let me know!

If you have any questions you may contact Jeremy at

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