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Handling User Deletions with GroupWise Notify

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By Rob Aronson

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Posted: 25 Apr 2006


User A had added User B to the Notify list, and User B was later deleted from the system. User A could no longer launch Notify; a "User Not Found" error was returned. User B also could not be deleted from the Notify list; the GroupWise client would return a D101 error, and the remove would fail.


1. Create another GroupWise user account with the same name as the deleted account.

2. Make sure to fill in the user's first name and full name information.

3. Give the PO a couple of minutes to update the address book.

4. Test to see that notify is working again.

5. Once Notify is working, go to GroupWise Tools | Options | Security | Notify and remove the offending entry in the notify list.

Note: This solution was tested with GroupWise 6.5 running on NetWare.

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