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Disable NetWare Messenger for Specific Users

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Posted: 20 Apr 2006


How can you disable NetWare Messenger for specific users?

Students have discovered the use of NetWare Messenger. How can you disable the use of NetWare Messenger for the Students, but not the Staff?


  1. Using ZENworks, create two Application Objects; one named SNDMSGOFF and one named SNDMSGON.

  2. Using REGEDIT locate the following KEY:
    HKLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/Network Provider/Menu Items.

  3. With the setting for "Enable Send Message to User Dialog" set to "Yes" export the "Menu Items" KEY.

  4. Then import those KEY settings into the SNDMSGON application object.

  5. Next, change the "Enable Send Message to User Dialog" to "No" and export the KEY again.

  6. Import the new KEY settings into the SNDMSGOFF application object.

Assign the appropriate App Object to the appropriate Container, Group, or User as a "Force Run." This will either turn on or off the ability to "Send Message > To Users" when the Users log in and the NAL runs.


NetWare 6.5 sp4a, Windows XP (not tried on Win 98), ZENworks 4.0.1

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