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By Bret Dayley

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Posted: 4 May 2006

Bret DayleyWho says geeks can't rhyme? Check out Novell's own Bret Dayley, as certified a geek as you're ever likely to meet, who debuted this rap at a Developer party at a local watering hole during BrainShare 2004, reprised it in 2005, and refreshed and reintroduced it during BrainShare 2006. (Happily, the rap genre allows Bret to embrace changes in marketing messages.) Enjoy!

Audio File

mp3: Novell OpenRap v2.4

Computer geek that can rap, what you think about that?
Just sit in your seat, and I'll tell you where it's at!
When it comes to your net, go - ready - set
You better watch Novell cause you ain't seen nothing yet!

You see, our networked world, it's a catalyst for change
yet it's so complex it's a real big pain
Novell's approach - information solutions
We're bringing on a software revolution!

We put open software on your plate to simplify, secure, and in-te-grate
and extend your network yet it looks like one
and now we're getting ready to have a little fun!
From the N to the O to the V, E, double L - watch how you spell it and say it - NOVELL!

We're open, global and secure - should be your partner of choice man that's for sure!
Oh you'll be flying on the net like you're in your new Porsche
when you boot that Linux disty that we call SUSE

ZENworks, I-D-M, GroupWise
use our software to build your open enterprise,
if you do it well - they'll be calling you wise -
Guys - bar-b-q some chicken thighs
cause this party's getting started and you're the main guys!

So watch out world Novell's ready to play
you see the sun just rose on a brand new net day!
oh you can think me crazy, you can call me insane
but hook up with Novell and you'll win the net game!

Computer geeks that can rap what you thinking bout that?
and our rap went a little something like that!

If you'd like to contact Bret, please visit his author page and use the Contact form.

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