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Installing OES or SLES without having to swap CDs

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By William C Schneider

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Posted: 4 May 2006


When installing a SUSE based system, be it OES or straight SLES, you may potentially be swapping CDs for quite some time! This happens when there is not enough disk space to copy each of the CDs to the hard drive during install. Typically, on a Linux system, you create multiple file systems in order to keep the system from running a-muck. VAR is one of those directories that typically get restricted.


During the install, /var/tmp is the directory where the CDs are copied. I did an OES SP2 install the other day and swapped the CDs over 60 times. This gets quite irritating!! By simply mounting an eight gigabyte file system to /var/tmp this provides plenty of space to copy the CDs. Then after the system comes up, you can remove that mount point and put the remainder files in the same place as a directory.

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