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Apache Error: (13) Permission denied

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By Matt Midson

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Posted: 4 May 2006


Apache Error Log: (13) Permission denied: file permissions deny server access

All the Linux Permissions are correct and the configuration files look correct. (After many hours of checking, double checking and then checking again!!)


Make sure the NSS Permissions are correct. The local account should have a Linux User Management account in your tree, assign that user the correct NSS File Permissions.

(I know this sounds obvious, but when you are using tools like SSH to access an OES - Linux server these "Traditional NetWare" things tend to be forgotten.)


In this case we were running an NSS Clustered Volume for our Apache service where the document root was located in a mixed OES - Netware and OES - Linux Cluster.

However I expect that this "trap for young players" could happen with any service that uses a local account for authentication and needs to access files off an NSS Volume on OES - Linux

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