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Posted: 25 Jul 2006

Q1 - "I have a department with 250 employees, and I would like to give GroupWise accounts to their staff. They want to deny the ability for users to send and receive messages outside of the company. My network engineer says he can do this with firewall rules for each user, but that would be painful. Is there an easy way to do this in GroupWise 6.5 or 7.0?"

A1 - (Jim Michael) - Yes, there is a much easier way. In the GWIA object there is an Access Control tab. In there, you can create a "Class of Service" that restricts inbound/outbound mail. Simply create a new COS and add the necessary users (or group) to it.

Q2 - "I recently upgraded from GroupWise 6.5.4 to GroupWise 7.0 and am now unable to receive all incoming emails. Some incoming mails fail to deliver with "Sending machine verification failed" message. Previous to upgrade this did not occur. During the upgrade, I did delete the old GWIA object in ConsoleOne and re-created it with the GroupWise 7 install, as recommended. Should I use the beta GWIA or not? And, if I use Beta GWIA do I need to install all Beta agents?"

A2 - (Michael Bell) - You probably put "/rejbs" in your gwia.cfg file. Remove it, and restart.

Q3 - "I have backed up a GroupWise 7 system using the tsasfgw agent and Backup exec 9.1. This is on a 6.5 server with SP5 and the appropriate module downgarde to make the GroupWise visible to Backup Exec. Everything backs up correctly with no errors, and I when restore the post office to the restore area there are no problems either.

However, when I point the GroupWise client to the restore area (backup), no mail or anything else is visible, only the folders and items in the trash bin. I have tried this a couple of times."

A3 - (Connie) - Are you expecting to see everything that was backed up? You won't - it is all there, but you won't see it all. You actually will only see items that are not already still in your live user.db

If you switch over to your live mailbox and delete and empty an item, then switch back to your backup db, you should see that item (provided it was there before this backup).

Q4 - "I have a problem with GroupWise 7.0. GWIA doesn't connect with the MTA - I get "Message Transfer Status unavailable." I tried to set GWIA port to 0 and to 7102, but there was no change. In GWIA, all the services work properly, but it doesn't forward mail to MTA. Problems appeared after I used a second NIC and starting system as a router."

A4 - (Tim Heywood) - In ConsoleOne, change the MTP port to 0. This will disable the MTP and use the legacy method. Then once you have the GWIA working, you can set the MTP to use a suitable port. I would suggest something of the order of 7200.

Q5 - "Can I add an external source to my internal distribution group list?"

A5 - (Tommy Mikkelsen) - Try this:

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